Cougar, Lynx, Bobcat

Big Game Hunting in British Columbia


Cougar, Lynx, Bobcat

Time of Year:

End of February


4×4, Hiking, and Snowmobile



About this Hunt

Amidst the variety of ungulates there are the elusive predators. Our cat hunting commences early December and continues through  to the end of January. Skilled hunting hounds are released on fresh tracks and the chase is on.

We use tracking collars on our dogs which can lessen the leg work in getting to your trophy.  This is the hunt most cat hunters want! Our cougar, lynx and bobcat populations are very good with quality animals to harvest.

  • Guides locate tracks by driving 4×4’s, hiking and snowmobiling.  Trained hunting hounds with radio collars are used.
  • Hunts are conducted from our base camp and we are hunting from the doorstep in the morning
  • Combine with a lynx or bobcat for an additional fee or hunt these species separately.
  • Wolf baits are available to check every morning at daybreak

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