Black Bear

Big Game Hunting in British Columbia


Black Bear

Time of Year:

Mid-May to Mid-June


4x4’s, Walk, Snowshoe



About this Hunt

Our black bear hunting commences mid May and extends to the first half of June. This is a fun hunt guaranteeing that you will see plenty of other game while focusing on bears.

We hunt these great predators by the spot and stalk method. We use 4x4’s, walk or snowshoe to get to better spotting locations. Depending on what we see, we plan our hunt strategy from there.  BAITING IS ILLEGAL.

This is a great hunt to bring a partner along with you.

  • We have a wide variety of color phases in our black bears, from blondes to the very interesting blacks with white diamond chests.
  • This is a great species to combine with some of our fall hunts while elk, goat or moose hunting.
  • Two black bears can be harvested

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